MovR Document AI

Extract data from complex documents in seconds. At human-level accuracy. No templates.
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Extract any field from

commercial invoices

Extract any field from

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Challenges Our Customers Faced Before Document AI

In the course of our mission to make AI infrastructure accessible, we’ve learned from a diverse set of companies. Their number one need was to use Machine Learning to automate document processing. Until now, companies:

Encountered OCR’s Limits

Tried rule-based OCR solutions that require extensive effort from engineering teams to set up templates.

Suffered from Limited Quality

Tried rule-based OCR solutions that require extensive effort from engineering teams to set up templates.

Dealt with Chronic Delays

Realized that low quality and lengthening turnaround times caused downstream delays in delivering their product to their customers, resulting in declining customer satisfaction.

To address these shortcomings, we built Document AI.

Spent Excessively on In-House Engineering

Tried building in-house capabilities with human processing and engineering efforts that caused wasting millions of dollars in hiring, training, maintaining of people and solutions as well as quality assurance without reaching economies of scale.


Operationalize Machine Learning

MovR Document AI has built base models relying on Scale’s expertise in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Document AI fine-tunes these Machine Learning models for your use case by annotating sample documents. The resulting models are ready to process your documents with human-level accuracy, in seconds. No templates needed.

MovR Document AI
Optional human-in-the-loop QA is available for complex use cases, and is also used to improve model performance.


Accuracy and Fast Turnaround are Guaranteed

Industry-leading quality engine to reliably tackle ever-changing unstructured data

Human-Level Accuracy

Our use of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing models, with fine-tuning, enables much higher quality data extraction than either hard-coded templates or human annotation. We optionally provide human-in-the-loop QA when needed.

ML Means Continual Improvement

Our models are trained on millions of data points, and further refined for each customer use case. Thus, our ML models achieve much higher quality, generalize across challenging document types, and continually improve as we continue to process more data.

Transparency In Metrics

To increase your operational efficiency, you get access to our metrics dashboard to review your pipeline performance, visualization tools to audit your data easily, and our feedback platform to provide instructions.
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Get to Know Document AI

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Upload documents, receive labeled structured data, and curate results.

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Flexport relies on Scale Document AI to process logistics documents.

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Brex relies on Scale Document AI to process invoices.

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See extraction insights and document curation in Scale Document AI.

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Our engineers explain how they built components of Scale Document AI.


Trusted by World Class Companies

With MovR Document AI, document processing is a breeze.

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