Empowering logistics to cut delivery times and increase trade visibility.

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AI for Logistics to Automate and Augment Your Operations

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Document Processing

Expedite customs clearing and deliveries by accurately extracting data from complex documents in seconds.
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Damage Detection

Quickly identify and classify damaged shipments for actionable intervention and prevent delivery of damaged goods.
Robotic AI for logistics

Logistics Robotics

Locate, track, and move inventory with robots to enhance worker safety and accelerate shipment processing.


Strengthen Your Supply Chain with AI for Logistics

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Automate document processing, inventory management, and intervention workflows with highly accurate AI solutions and tools.
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Accelerate Speed to Delivery

Upgrade delivery times for your customers with faster decisions, better data from across your supply chain.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Accurate data extraction with intelligent document processing reduces exposure to Customs inspections, delays, and fines.


Trusted by Cutting Edge Logistics Leaders

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Flexport relies on Scale Document AI to process logistics documents.

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Extract data from commercial invoices at high quality and speed.

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