AI Solutions for Defense

MovR is a sophisticated technical partner that provides artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for critical U.S. government platforms, sensor systems, and data types. We set the commercial standard, lead the market, and apply those capabilities to our federal work.
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Transforming Defense with Cutting Edge AI Capabilities

MovR InstantML automatically trains state-of-the-art machine learning models for your business and delivers them with a simple API call or download. Join the developers and businesses who are using Scale InstantML to build and use ML models in an entirely new and magical way.



MovR is committed to partnering with the U.S. government and technology leaders to modernize federal agencies, ensuring U.S. investments in AI lead to successful deployments of new technologies.


MovR partners with the largest technology companies in the world on their most ambitious AI initiatives.


MovR is trusted by the largest U.S. government agency to support their data and analytics needs.

Safety Critical

Safety Critical Scale is the market leader in the autonomous vehicles industry, providing data for safety critical applications.

Execution Speed

MovR annotates billions of data points and takes models from pilot to deployment in weeks, not years.

Automated Accuracy

MovR’s automated quality checks and operational excellence delivers 99.5%+ accuracy across data pipelines.

Industry-Leading Software

MovR provides a modular, end-to-end platform tailored to your needs and AI expertise.


Trusted by World Class Companies


Supported Annotation Types

MovR Text

Document Processing

Natural Language Processing


Content & Language

MovR Image

Electro Optical


Synthetic Aperture Radar

MovR Video

Full Motion Video

Wide Area Motion Imagery

MovR Audio

Active & Passive Sonar

MovR 3D Sensor Fusion



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Free datasets to help national security partners

We have received an overwhelming response to our announcement of free, AI-ready datasets in support of Ukraine. Nearly a hundred…
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MovR is growing.​

Grow with us.

Company Benefits

Want to support the critical mission of accelerating AI development in the U.S. government? We’re hiring across the board from cleared engineers, business development, operations, delivery, security and more.


Get to know Federal AI

Artificial Intelligence:
 The Next Level of Defense

Personal Trainer Testimonial 1
Alexandr Wang
CEO and Founder, MovR
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Rachael Martin
Director NGA AI, NGA

The State of AI for National Security Mission Applications

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Mark Valentine
Head of Federal, MovR
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Michael Harasimowicz
Director of AI Innovation, Lockheed Martin

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