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Enrich, analyze, and categorize your content.

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Content Understanding Offerings

MovRContent Understanding improves platform experiences by enriching content metadata, discovering trend insights, and flagging sensitive content. Product teams get high-quality data through Scale’s combination of machine learning solutions, operational efficiency, and technical workforce, bridging any gaps in the content ecosystem.

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Content Intelligence

Enrich your content metadata and analyze the content landscape for media platforms. With insights and reporting on industry content diversity, better focus your product’s growth efforts and narrow in on trends early.
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Trust and Safety

Create a safe user experience with Scale’s Sensitive Content identification product. Scale can flag harassment, violence, and other potentially harmful content. The long-tail of ambiguous and potentially sensitive content can be quickly classified to establish a safer platform experience.


Content Data Enrichment

Content forms are ever evolving and growing as media consumer technologies advance. Enrich your content’s metadata to keep up with the growth of your content, provide the highest quality recommendations, and keep users entertained and engaged on your platform.

Increased stickiness

Combine an improved understanding of your content’s distribution with knowledge of emerging trends to quickly find gaps and easily discover growth areas to improve user and creator stickiness.

Better Recommendation Rankings

The highest and lowest quality content can be easy to find, but it’s significantly harder to rank the quality of content in the middle. Improve your recommendation models with high quality data for that middle content, in addition to other long-tails of unclassified content.

Rapid Personalization

Granular information allows for rapid personalization despite users with different interest profiles who engage with the same content. Merge information across landscapes to surface the most relevant content.


Trust and Safety

Harmful content and malicious actors are becoming increasingly pervasive across platforms and communities. Automated, comprehensive, and scalable detection is crucial to protect your users and brand.

Automate Detection

Automate the detection of malicious content with robust AI models that improve as you scale. See an immediate reduction in manual moderation by utilizing AI models with human-level precision.

Detect Sophisticated Behaviors

Detect sophisticated and nuanced cases of malicious behavior with Scale’s human-in-the-loop, AI safety engine. Customizable to any policy or guidelines – Scale’s AI safety engine adapts to your precise needs.

Monitor and Adapt

Always have a pulse on the health of your platform and the safety of your users. Catch novel malicious behaviors early and automatically before they grow.


How MovR fits with your infrastructure



Improve Platform Experiences

ML-powered High Quality

Augment state-of-the-art Machine Learning with a global human workforce for industry leading accuracy. Our expertise in data labeling reinforces the high standard for our Operational AI processes even with high volumes and fast ramps. We reduce overhead by fully managing complex ML capabilities such as deduplication, object identification, and fraud detection in addition to a highly trained workforce.

Content Flexibility

We support various media types and languages to accommodate all content needs. Our teams have built increasingly powerful automation to tackle long-tail issues across different content types. As your data needs change, grow, or increase in complexity, we can adjust our systems to continue maintaining a high standard of quality and adaptability.

Integration Expertise

Our experience designing sophisticated pipelines and navigating subjective judgements ensures the highest quality content. We partner with the world’s most ambitious AI projects and have a strong track record delivering on complex projects, integrating with various technical stacks, and supporting a diverse range of industry verticals.

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